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Table 1 The data structure of Slender West Lake geo-database

From: A digital information system for cultural landscapes: the case of Slender West Lake scenic area in Yangzhou, China

Thematic layerFeature datasetFeature classTypeLayerReference
Slender West LakePolygonScenic area boundarySurvey map / Aerial image
Landscape compartmentLandscape character typeLandscape character areaPolygonCompartment boundaryLandscape character assessment map
Landscape componentWaterPolygonWater borderSurvey map
TransportationRoadPolylineRoad lineSurvey map
Water cruisePolylineCruise line
BuildingPolygonBuilding footprintSurvey map
TopographyDEMElevationSurvey map
RockeryPointLocationResearch report
Vegetation/Land coverArborPointLocationSurvey map
Herbaceous plantPolygonBoundary
Historic plantpointLocationSurvey map
Historical period475 BC-581 CE; −  617 CE; − 1278; − 1367; −  1754; − 1795; −1911; 1949; − 1987; − TodayHistoric mapPolygon/ polyline/ raster mapLocation and shape of landscape componentArchaeological survey map 1979
Feature attributePolygon/polyline/pointBoundary/location/areaDocumentary evidence