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Table 2 Feature Attribute in Slender West Lake geo-database: Intangible cultural heritage

From: A digital information system for cultural landscapes: the case of Slender West Lake scenic area in Yangzhou, China

Intangible cultural heritageNameTimeAssociated featuresDescription
Knowledge of the physical landscapeKnowledge of the physical landscapeTraditional land management technologiesCharShort integerShort integerChar
Traditional craftsmanshipLocal techniques and toolsCharShort integerShort integerChar
Traditional plants
Traditional food
Oral history and traditionFolkloreCharShort integerShort integerChar
Oral history and tradition
Dialects and placenames
Historical activitiesSocial eventHistorical eventsCharShort integerShort integerChar
Cultural events
Ritual and customReligious eventsCharShort integerShort integerChar
Festival events
Folk activity
Spiritual connectionSpirit of placeSensory characteristicCharShort integerShort integerChar
Cultural memories
Spiritual connections
ArtworkpoemCharShort integerShort integerChar
Local chronicles
Traditional music
Performing art