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Table 1 Conservation projects in Djenné

From: The involvement of local communities in the conservation process of earthen architecture in the Sahel-Sahara region – the case of Djenné, Mali

Dates Description Partnership
National Initiative Conservation Projects
1996 Workshop and Training of West African’s Cultural
Sites Managements
UNESCO Financial Support
1995 Survey about Tourism Impact on Cultural Sites by
Cultural Mission Agencies of Djenné and Bandiagara
UNESCO Financial Support
1993 Creation of Djenné Cultural Mission Agency by Ministerial Decision (93–203 P-RM of 1993 June 11th,
review by Ord. No. 01–032/P-RM of 2001 August 3rd).
Malian Government
1988 Subscription of Djenné Cultural Heritage list on the UNESCO World Malian Government
World Heritage Committee
Djenné architectural conservation projects
1996–2006 Djenné’s Architecture Restoration Project.
(Restoration of 130 Houses, Construction of New Public Projects and valorised of Djenné’s Masons Know-How)
Funded by the Netherlands
1996 Rehabilitation of the inner city of Konofia, with the support of young participants in the international youth workshop unknown
2008–2011 Rehabilitation and revitalisation of the Youth House Italian government Fund
(Supported by UNESCO, DNPC-Mission Culturelle, CRAterre-ENSAG)
2008–2012 Great Mosque renovation and Training Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Research and conservation projects for archaeological sites
1998 Archaeological research project on the site of the future museum and of the old colonial dispensary American Foundation named The Oliver Brunch
1998 Monitoring system for archaeological sites in the vicinity of Djenné Funded by the Netherlands
1996–1997 Safeguarding and development project of the archaeological site of Djenné - Djéno Funded by the World Monument Fund
1989–1994 Surveys of archaeological sites in the inner delta of
Niger (“Togué Project”)
Institute of Human Sciences (ISH) of Mali and Institute of Bioarcheology (BAI) of Groningen in the Netherlands
  1. Note: Based on the country report (Plan de Gestion de Djenné 2008–2012, tableau 4), revised by the author