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Table 1 Table comparing the sites appearing on two maps of Tianjin published in 2017 (sites common to both are in boldface)

From: Tourism and heritage in the enhancement of Tianjin

Sites from Tianjin All-in-one Tourism Guide (Tianjin Tourism Bureau 2017, map) Sites from Lonely Planet China Guide (15th edition, 2017, 138)
Learning Modern China through Tianjin  
Five-Avenue Area Wudadao
Garden of Family Zhang Former residence of Eric Liddell
Jing Garden Minyuan Plaza
Former Residence and Memorial of Li Shutong  
Memorial to Boxer Movement  
Site of the Awakening Society  
Old City Proper Museum  
Urban Area Tour  
Five Compounds in Tai’an Road  
Memorial to Zhou Enlai & Deng Yingchao  
Memorial to the Battle of Beiping–Tianjin  
Confucius Temple Museum Confucius Temple
Tianjin Radio & TV Tower  
Temple of Sea Goddess Tianhou Temple
Hai River Tour  
Jinwan Plaza Treaty port area
Ancient Cultural Street Ancient Culture Street
Italian-style Town Former Qing Dynasty Post Office
Yuan Shikai’s former residence  
Religious Cultural Tour  
Xikai Church Saint Joseph Cathedral
Seafront Tower (Wanghailou Church)  
Wesley Church  
Dabei Zen Monastery  
Jianfu Kwan-yin Temple  
Guajia Temple  
Golden Street (Heping Road)  
Concert Street (Musical Arts Street)  
Dahutong Business Street  
Drum Tower  
Cantonese Guild Hall  
Lingdangge Temple  
Yiku Innovation Industrial Park  
Santiaoshi History Museum  
Huayun Museum  
Yinluan Monument  
Former Residence of Duan Qirui  
Porcelain House China House
Palace of Prince Zhuang Folk Art Museum
Former Residence of Feng Guozhang Shenyangdao Antiques Market
Concert Hall  
Nanshi Food Street  
Nanshi Hotel Street