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Table 5 Details on the interpretation technologies and content at OZC

From: Evaluating visitor experience of digital interpretation and presentation technologies at cultural heritage sites: a case study of the old town, Zuoying

Division of the interpretation areas Main digital technologies used in each area Interpretation content
Treasure Hunt in the Old City Augmented reality Basic information about unearthed artefacts discovered at archaeological sites and virtual restoration results of partially damaged artefacts
Representation of OZC Moving model & projection mapping Historical and cultural evolution of OZC over time and the changes in the construction of buildings within OZC in different periods
A Tale of Two Cities Virtual reality & projection mapping Introduction to the relationship between Zuoying and Fongshang, which are regions belonging to OZC, and their historical changes
Image of the Old City Projection mapping & digital animation Old memories of OZC residents
Chronology of Major Events Augmented reality Representative and important events from different historical periods of OZC
Our Old City Virtual reality Construction details on the different buildings in the city; visitors can also create their OZC in the VR game