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Editorial board endorsements

"The growing awareness of how important is preserving and enhancing the built heritage is boosting the Chinese market for publications dealing with these issues. It is culturally and scientifically relevant to make better known in the world how rich and high-quality the Chinese built heritage is, and to discuss the problems of its conservation. It is useful to compare the Chinese situation with that of other Asian countries, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. This interaction can suggest new original approaches and solutions. For these reason, the publication of Built Heritage, an international journal dealing with the conservation of tangible heritage edited in China by Tongji University, is very important."

Professor Paolo Ceccarelli
Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning, Ferrara University
UNESCO Chair Urban and Regional Planning for Local Sustainable Development

"To explore the diversity of architecture, Built Heritage presents innovative Scientifics studies about the research, conservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings, settlements, and sites. Essays and papers are written by international experts representing relevant worldwide investigations. As academic consultant of the editorial board of Built Heritage, full professor at University of Lisbon and chair of Docomomo International – the International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement - since 2010, I would like to sustain the exceptional scientific quality and value of this journal, as well the importance and contribution of the publication for the international academic staff."

Professor Ana Tostões
docomomo International Chair

"It is indeed an impressive work and the standard of the articles and graphic presentation has projected this new journal onto the world scene in the fields of heritage. The themes that have been chosen are at the cutting edge of the global debate and the content reflects ideas and examples from multi-cultural sources enriching the discussions which are taking place in the academia and the profession.
I can say that Built Heritage will be an important contribution for expanding our knowledge, and the collaboration of the journal from Tongji University with Springer will indeed provide for mutual recognition and cooperation between two institutions of excellence."

Professor Michael Turner
UNESCO Chair in Urban Design and Conservation Studies
Charge de mission to the Director, UNESCO Division for Heritage and World Heritage Centre

"Built Heritage is a very new journal but already it has positioned itself as an important platform and link between heritage professionals in China and throughout the region. Wider dissemination of this journal through Springer Link is fully justified in terms of its focus, scope and quality of research and writing. It would also expose the wider global academic field to the new and exciting practice and theory being developed in Asia."

Ayesha Pamela Rogers
Visiting Professor, Communications & Cultural Studies, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan
Director, Rogers Kolachi Khan & Associates Ltd.
Director, Archaeological Assessments Ltd.