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Correction to: A 30-year controversy over the Shanghai East China Electric Power Building: the creation and conservation of late 20th century Chinese architectural heritage

The Original Article was published on 28 January 2021

Correction to: Built Heritage 5, 1 (2021)

In the original publication of this article (Liu and Hua 2021), the footnote 6 is missing in the PDF version of the article, the footnote 6 is as below. The original publication has been corrected.

Footnote 6:

The major architectural journals, including World Architecture (Shijie jianzhu), The Architect (Jianzhushi), New Architecture (Xin jianzhu) and Time + Architecture (Shidai jianzhu), published nearly 300 translations during the 1980s. The famous one translations that originally appeared as serial articles in The Architect were shortly after reprinted into a book series ‘The Architect Series’ (Jianzhushi congshu). Another important series ‘Translation Series of Architectural Theory’ (Jianzhu lilun yicong) constituted 11 books (Bao 2005). The Architect Series included the following books: Bruno Zevi’s Architecture as Space: How to Look at Architecture (English version, 1974; Chinese translation, 1985); Bruno Zevi’s The Modern Language of Architecture (English version, 1978; Chinese translation, 1986); Yoshinobu Ashihara’s Exterior Space Design (Japanese version, 外部空間設計, 1975; Chinese translation, 1985); Christian Norberg-Schulz’s Existence, Space and Architecture (English version, 1971; Chinese translation, 1985); Charles Jencks’ The Language of Postmodernism (English version, 1977; Chinese translation, 1986); and Kevin Lynch’s The Image of the City (English version, 1960; Chinese translation, 1990) (Bao 2005). The Translation Series of Architectural Theory included the following books: Peter Collins’ Changing Ideals in Modern Architecture, 1750–1950 (English version, 1965; Chinese translation, 1987); Nikolaus Pevsner’s Pioneers of Modern Design From William Morris to Walter Gropius (English version, 1949; Chinese translation, 1987); Geoffrey Scott’s The Architecture of Humanism: A Study in the History of Taste (English version, 1974; Chinese translation, 1989); Eliel Saarinen’s Search for Form: A Fundamental Approach to Art (English version, 1948; Chinese translation, 1989); Geoffrey Broadbent’s Design in Architecture: Architecture and the Human Sciences (English version, 1973; Chinese translation, 1990); Robert Venturi’s Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (English version, 1965; Chinese translation, 1991); Geoffrey Broadbent, Richard Bunt and Charles Jencks’ Signs, Symbols and Architecture (English version, 1980; Chinese translation, 1991); Amos Rapoport’s The Meaning of Built Environment: A Nonverbal Communication Approach (English version, 1982; Chinese translation, 1992); Steen Eiler Rasmussen’s Experiencing Architecture (English version, 1964; Chinese translation, 1992); Manfredo Tafuri’s Theories and History of Architecture (English version, 1980; Chinese translation, 1991); and Roger Scruton’s The Aesthetics of Architecture (English version, 1979; Chinese translation, 1992) (Bao 2005).

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